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LG W2271TC 22-inch monitor hits the UK


LG isn't making any promises about saving the planet with this one, but those looking for a no-frills LCD monitor could certainly do a lot worse than its new 22-inch W2271TC model, which boasts some decent enough specs and an "affordable" but as yet unspecified price tag. Headlining that spec list is a promised 20,000:1 "Digital Fine" contrast ratio, which certainly stands out from the otherwise ordinary 1680 x 1050 resolution, 5ms response time, and 300 nits brightness, even it may not actually be all that noticeably different from a monitor with a less attention-grabbing number. You'll also get some built-in speakers and an integrated webcam, which apparently even boasts some of that nifty face-tracking technology, though we're going to go out an a limb and guess that the entire monitor doesn't keep moving to face you.

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