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Forum post of the day: Mobile love

Amanda Dean

Recently, rumors have been spreading about a mobile application for WoW. Blizzard has been trying to get some information through a series of mobile service polls on the forums. Bornakk began a poll regarding the number of times forum users have downloaded games or applications for cellular devices. In the cellular era, Blizzard appears to be making our favorite MMORPG more mobile friendly.

Many of the posters indicated that they have the latest in smartphones and thus are constantly adding new aps. This will likely encourage Blizzard to provide better mobile support. This will be handy considering that they have been resistant to third party mobile applications.

As it stands I have a hard time even accessing on my cell phone. I know my Blackberry 7250 is somewhat dated, but it handles most websites pretty well. In WoW's current form I find the forums too cumbersome to read. It will be nice to see the mobile environment get some love. Now if I could just play the Auction House from my cell, I'd be all set.

The poll has been up for a few days now, jump on in and submit your response. t'll only take a moment to log in and vote for the poll, and it may help encourage better phone support.

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