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Famitsu: Level-5 and Studio Ghibli teaming up on DS game

Recent scans from Japanese gaming weekly Famitsu detail a new Nintendo DS project titled Ninokuni: The Another World from the fine folks at Level-5 (which is currently putting the finish touches on the PS3's White Knight Story). "What's so special about this project?" you ask, clutching your Totoro plushie. Get this: the animation will be handled by the legendary Studio Ghibli. Not altogether too surprising; anyone familiar with the excellent animation in Level-5's Professor Layton series knows that there wasn't much room for improvement.

Famitsu says there will be a console version though a platform has not yet been decided; Level-5 wants the experience to be distinct from the DS release and that desire will affect the platform decision. Both versions will come with the same "Magic Master" book – shared by the main character of the game – which will need to be referred to while playing the game (let's hope it's portable!). With TGS just around the corner, we're hoping to hear more – and maybe see more – soon.

[Via Opposable Thumbs]

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