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iTunes to gain 6,000 unsigned artists


The good news is that the iTunes Store is about to gain an additional 6,000 artists, and the great news is that they're all unsigned.

Distorted Loop is reporting that Apple has signed a deal with Pure Play Music to add their artists to the iTunes Store, accounting for more that 1 million tracks. eMusic, Amazon and Napster are also a part of the deal.

"The new era of distribution is now," said Richard Labrum, Vice President of Business Affairs at Pure Play, "and we are thrilled to take the leadership role."

Wow, an executive who gets it. Someone send this guy a box of Cuban cigars. I say the more indies in the iTunes Store the better. Recently, I was forced to listen to FM radio (for the first time in years) during a 3-hour car ride. It was torture. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the instant gratification of an iPod -- listening to exactly what I want to hear exactly when I want to hear it -- but I couldn't wait to get out of that car.

I thought, "There must be better music out there." There is, but you won't hear it on commercial radio.

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