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One Shots: Hidden eagle's nest

This is perhaps one of the more off the wall screens we've seen from Warhammer Online as yet. We see a wee teeny player in a giant nest with floating ships in the air behind it. As Excelsior explained when he sent this One Shots in: the eagles nest pic is in, you guessed it, an eagles nest. But I refuse to give any details of how to get there or even where it is. As such, we'll have to rely on you readers! If you know where this eagle's nest is in Warhammer Online, leave us a comment! (If you don't, now you have something to go hunting.)

We love adventurers who find strange and unusual things in the familiar landscapes of games we've seen. For that matter, we love seeing games we haven't seen too! If you've got something new to show us (even if the only real difference is you and your friends in the image) you should send it in. Pop them into an email to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with a quick description, your name, server, or guild if you'd like. We'll post it here for everyone.

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