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Video: ASUS N10 netbook gets hands-on treatment, plays COD4

Darren Murph

We knew the ASUS N10 was a burly fellow when we took some street corner shots of it earlier this month, but we never even thought to toss Call of Duty 4 on there and waste away a solid 12 hours in online war zones. Thankfully, the blokes over at Mobile Computer did think to try that, and the results weren't half bad. 'Course, that discrete NVIDIA GeForce 9300M graphics set didn't hurt, and if you're sick enough to really buy a netbook for gaming, this one should probably be atop your list. At any rate, a rather in-depth hands-on video awaits you in the read link -- go in expecting keyboard impressions, disappointment with the glare, and a few good minutes with an FPS and you'll leave happy.

[Thanks, Rex]

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