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Weekly Deals: Software savings across the US of A

Looking for a few new titles to add to the collection? Various savings are sweeping the nation for a handful of random titles. Circuit City has slashed $20 off Unreal Tournament III to $39.99. Fry's has taken a few dollars off recent releases Pure and Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway both priced at $52.99. Best Buy is offering a $15 savings on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith which is down to $84.99 and now sells Hail to the Chimp for $19.99. Online shoppers looking for a deal and an Xbox 360 might want to check out Amazon who is bundling LEGO Batman with the Xbox 360 Arcade console for $199. Nothing too earth-shattering but a few bucks off couldn't hurt if you're pining for more titles to own.

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