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New Stargate Worlds wallpapers feature in-game imagery

Samuel Axon

The official Stargate Worlds website has been updated in two waves with nine new wallpapers, most of which show in-game locales and combat engagements. You can go look at them at the official site, or you can grab them right here instead! We're awesome like that.

Most of the wallpapers depict a city, but we're apparently not quite Stargate SG-1 literate enough to identify it. There are a couple images of combat (including one of someone getting torched by a flamethrower; that's kinda cool), one shot of a Jaffa in the previously mentioned city (pictured above), and one montage of weapon concept art.

Despite a few cash flow problems at the studio, Stargate Worlds' closed beta test is either already underway or imminent, depending on who you ask. So if you like these images, you might as well go sign up.

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