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New product announcement cancelled? (updated)

Robert Palmer

According to one of our tipsters, the "kickoff webcast" that Christina mentioned over the weekend has been either delayed or cancelled.

A link distributed to webcast participants is, according to the tipster, no longer working. The webcast was scheduled for 10 a.m. Pacific time.

What does this mean for the rumored "Brick"? It's difficult to say. Apple does tend to make product announcements on Tuesdays, but I suppose there's no reason why Apple couldn't deliver the webcast anytime between today and the product's scheduled launch date.

Also, it could be that our tipster is just suffering network problems. If you know more about the webcast, please tip us! Your anonymity is our guarantee.

Thanks, Matt!

Update: Another anonymous tipster wrote in to tell us that the webcast did proceed as scheduled, but did not discuss new products (only things like metrics for the next quarter, and marketing strategies for Black Friday in the United States). The tipster said the password for the webcast was changed a day or two ago, which was probably why Tipster Matt couldn't connect.

Thanks, Apple Reseller!

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