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    JVC's iPod-friendly LT-42P789 LCD HDTV gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    JVC's iPod dock-infused LT-42P789 was announced way back when at CES 2008, but we're just now starting to see the flat-panel leak out onto the market. The cats over at E-Gear were able to house one for a review, and all in all, they were quite pleased. Image quality while watching Blu-ray Discs was exceptional, the iPod playback / UI navigation was satisfactory and the inbuilt speakers were actually not half bad. To be frank, we don't see many potential LCD HDTV buyers looking heavily at this one unless they're simply dead-set on having integrated iPod support -- but hey, if that's you, this one may be the next set you want consuming your den.

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