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The Daily Grind: What does Mythic have to fix to make Warhammer truly great?

Michael Zenke

Despite the launch of Warhammer Online being so recent, Mythic is not sitting idly or letting up the energy level in the wake of their title's release. Yesterday they announced the addition of cross-pairing queues for RvR scenarios. Judging by reactions in guild chat last night and in comments to the post, this change has been very well received. But, of course, nothing is perfect. It only make sense that they're moving ahead with the game's framework and design. From our point of view, and the view of a few other bloggers, there are still issues to be ironed out.

Snafzg at the Greenskin Blog offered up a list noting issues he'd like to see addressed by the developers sooner rather than later. Snaf primarily runs down technical issues and crunchy design decisions; he'd like to see Alt-Tabbing made friendlier, for example, a sentiment we wholeheartedly share. Meanwhile over at Nazgum's blog the author has a more 'high-level' to-do list for the Mythic designers. He wants more incentives for open field RvR, and even laments the absence of a third faction to do battle with.

We want to hear from you, though. What does Mythic need to fix in the next few weeks to ensure that you're going to stay a subscriber next month?

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