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What the Nintendo DSi, PSP 3000, and iPhone mean for MMOs

Michael Zenke

Last night, on the other side of the world, Nintendo announced its intention to step up the battle between Sony and Apple for the soul of the handheld gamer. We talk semi-regularly on Massively about the hardcore console battle, with games like Age of Conan and Champions Online heading for the 360 and SOE's stable of new titles (DCUO, The Agency, Free Realms) heading for the PlayStation 3. The handheld battle hardly ever gets discussed here on the site, though, and that's a shame. The modern ubiquity of handheld gaming is really the future of 'console' gaming, and with all three handheld platforms featuring built-in internet connectivity the age of "MMOs on the go" is inevitable.

Join us as we walk through each of the three handheld platforms, discussing what their potential is for playing MMOs and what we currently know about MMO plans for the platform. Even though they're pretty quiet, there are more than you think. Who knows, perhaps the WoW nation of today will be tapping out messages to each other on their DS handhelds five years from now?

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