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SOE's John Smedley talks the console future of MMOs

Michael Zenke

Our discussions with Sony Online Entertainment's CEO John Smedley have touched on a number of issues. The changing face of Star Wars Galaxies, the company's connection to Live Gamer, and even the possibility of sequels to Free Realms. In a recent discussion with MTV Multiplayer, Mr. Smedley expanded on many of these issues and reconfirmed the innovative vision of SOE's future development. In the CEO's words, every game the company makes in the future will be playable on a console ... one would imagine Sony's.

The executive also notes the company's commitment to expanding the appeal of MMOs with non-fantasy titles. Smedley also notes the company's efforts to appeal more to women with titles like DC Universe Online. That said, fans of the company's headlining franchise shouldn't worry too much about its future: "It's pretty safe to say that "EverQuest" has not seen its last game. So we've got our own cards to play there, and I think we will play them at the right time. But the quality level will be something that people will be very happy with." Read on to MTV Multiplayer for the full interview.

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