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First Look: Breath Pacer


We've all heard people talk about therapeutic breathing in common terms -- "take a deep breath", "breathe easy", or "remember to breathe". If you're under a lot of stress, therapeutic breathing can help to calm you down.

Larva Labs has announced a new iPhone / iPod touch app called Breath Pacer that is designed to help you practice slow breathing and take advantage of the benefits. Breath Pacer lets you determine a personalized breathing algorithm based on your height, then takes you through guided inhaling, holding, and exhaling of breath. Animated cues show you when to inhale, hold, and exhale, and you can choose relaxing music to listen to along while using Breath Pacer.

As Larva Labs points out, for the price of a good cup of coffee, you can reduce your stress and acheive a deeply relaxed state. Breath Pacer is available in the App Store (click opens iTunes) for US$2.99.

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