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Motorola Q11 turns up in Brazil ahead of launch


We've already had a pretty clear indication that Motorola's Q11 was nearing a release in Brazil and, according to ZumoBlog, everything is now set to finally get official tomorrow. That, however, hasn't stopped the site from getting its hands on the phone today, and it's thankfully snapped a few pics of it to give folks a peek at what's in store. Of course, the pics of the Q9 lookalike don't exactly tell the whole story, as the big news is added WiFi and GPS, and, unfortunately, a lack of 3G. Still, if that's a trade-off you can get behind, you can keep watch on the site for a promised video hands-on, and set aside the 899 Brazilian reais (or just over $400) it'll cost you to get an unlocked version of the phone.

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