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PC Zone: Deus Ex 3 confirmed as prequel, blessed by original creators


As anticipated, PC Zone has headlined its 200th issue with a Deus Ex 3 preview, reports its online counterpart, CVG. The second sequel to the "Best PC Game of All Time" (according to a 2007 poll conducted by -- who else? -- PC Zone) will be a prequel set in 2027 and apparently has received the blessings of the original designers, Warren Spector and Harvey Smith, along with consultative help from the original writer, Sheldon Pacotti. Still, we should remind you that Deus Ex 3 is being developed by a largely untested team, in Eidos Montreal, and the studio has made some, um, changes:
  • Combat won't be influenced by stats, just your FPS skills (or is that "skillz"?)
  • Instead, stats will affect "a vast array of fully upgradeable and customizable weapons" (there will be more than one type of ammo); experience points can be attributed to weapons or augmentations
  • 20 augmentations are promised; examples: "bungee jump tentacles" that fire from your back and anchor into walls (useful when jumping off buildings / faking your death); the ability to punch through walls ... and grab enemies on the other side!
  • Stealth will be implemented into a new cover system
  • Damage will be recovered by auto-healing (think: most FPSs these days -- even ones without so-called "augmentations")
The complete 10-page preview hits UK newsstands on October 9th. Scans are hitting the internet right about ... now!

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