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Age of Conan server merger was requested by the players?

Michael Zenke

Early last week we discussed the upcoming server merge coming to Funcom's Age of Conan. Announced by new game Director Craig Morrison, the merge will combine a few of the lower population servers and (hopefully) will give players a more vibrant play experience. Jørgen Tharaldsen, Product Director for the game, has now stated publicly that they went ahead with plans for the merge only because of a vocal outcry from the playerbase in that direction.

Speaking with the site Strategy Informer, Tharaldsen stated "I think that people who are playing Conan are actually very happy about the news, and indeed it's been one of the most requested things from our playerbase. The essence of any MMO is the social experience, and right now people are spread out a bit too thin across the servers." He goes on to note that server merges only primarily help players that are already in the game. Convincing new players to try out the title is the next step, one they're currently working on behind the scenes at the company. We'll follow the story of AoC's server merge as it moves forward.
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