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Apple yanks iPhone game for being "too much like Tetris"


Shaker, a fun "Tetris-like" game with a martini theme, has been pulled from the App Store. TUAW provided a first look at the game back in early September. According to sources, developer Phunkware was told that Shaker would be removed from the App Store after the Tetris Company and Tetris Holdings LLC complained to Apple that the app resembled Tetris too closely.

It seems odd that Tetris would wait a month to complain about Shaker's similarities to their game. Shaker had graphics that were nothing like those in Tetris, and a "shaker" game mode in which the accelerometer was used to move and flip the falling blocks. The game supplied martini recipes to top scorers, and was quite a bit smaller in size (3.5 MB compared to 9.6 MB for Tetris).

Can we now expect iPhone games like Jewel Quest II and Trism to be removed from the App Store because of their similarity to Bejeweled? Let's hope not!

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