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Molyneux: Fable 1's moral choices were 'rubbish'

Dustin Burg

This past May, during Microsoft's Spring Event, Chris "cool dude" Paladino from the Gamerscore Blog had a chance to sit down and interview the man behind Fable 2, Peter Molyneux.

During the video interview, Molyneux admits that the moral choices a player made in the original Fable and how they affected the world was complete "rubbish." According to Molyneux, we can expect more than moral choices simply affecting one's appearance, Fable 2's moral choices will change your pet's looks, the community, how people react to you and the scenarios you'll be introduced to.

Also, when Molyneux was questioned whether or not he played Fable as good or evil, he responded "when I have bad days, people in my games suffer." We never would have expected our Peter to be such a torturing man, interesting.

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