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Warhammer Online faction/realm bonuses roll out

Michael Zenke

Just yesterday we noted the rollout of the second major Game Update to hit Warhammer Online. One of the key points of that update was new 'Population Bonus' rewards for under-developed factions. This new feature will bestow additional XP and renown on underpopulated factions on specific servers. The Warhammer Herald already has a new page up on the site, offering a rolling list of realms and factions they think need a little help. Unsurprisingly, at the moment they're all on the Order side. The following servers are looking to get some folks into the light:
  • Bechafen (Open RvR)
  • Ungrim (Core)
  • Ulthuan (Core)
If you're thinking about rolling a new Order character on one of these servers, make sure to check out our guides to the character classes of that faction. We'll give you the inside information you need to get the most out of your newly-formed good guy. For the Empire!

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