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Samsung's NC10 netbook on sale in US for $480

Darren Murph

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Generally speaking, Americans can count on the US price of any particular piece of kit being a fair bit less than the straight pound-to-dollar conversion. Unfortunately, the exchange rate here is nearly on point, with the £299 NC10 10-inch netbook on sale for $480 (give or take a few nickles) in the US of A. Granted, it looks as if it'll be a fortnight or so at the very least before any Yanks can wrap their grimy paws around the germ-shunning PC, but we've already got the e-tailers lining up to hold your place in line. Who knows -- maybe our version will come with built-in WiMAX and 12-hours of battery life to really sweeten the deal.

[Via Liliputing, thanks Michael]

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