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Buy Samsung's BD-P1500, get The Matrix Collection on Blu-ray for free

Darren Murph

Samsung's BD-P1500 didn't stay situated at $200 for long before selling out (or being removed) at RadioShack, but on the eve of one of the most anticipated Blu-ray releases in the history of the format, along comes yet another deal that could be just the one you were waiting for. If you've been holding off on buying a BD deck until The Ultimate Matrix Collection landed, have a look at this. A number of retailers (Amazon, Best Buy and Circuit City, most notably) are now offering the Profile 1.1 Profile 2.0 player with a completely free copy of the 10-disc box set. Of course, the price of the player varies depending on your e-tailer of choice, but considering that the MSRP on the film set alone is $129.95, you can probably see the value here. Dig in below, if you're so inclined.

[Thanks, Jason]

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