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MacBook pricing and part numbers?


According to posts appearing on MacRumors and BoyGeniusReport tonight, Best Buy has been receiving new part numbers and pricing for unknown devices that are shipping to stores right now. MacRumors took the part numbers and price list and came up with the following assumption for what's going to be announced during tomorrow's notebook event:

  • K29, MB382LL/A $899.00 - MacBook?
  • M97, MB466LL/A $1,299.00 - MacBook
  • M97, MB467LL/A $1,599.00 - MacBook
  • M96, MB543LL/A $1,799.00 - MacBook Air
  • M96, MB940LL/A $2,499.00 - MacBook Air
  • M98, MB470LL/A $1,999.00 - 15" MacBook Pro
  • M98, MB471LL/A $2,499.00 - 15" MacBook Pro
  • M88, MB766LL/A $2,799.00 - 17" MacBook Pro
While the entry-level MacBook isn't as inexpensive as some rumors had forecast, a Fortune / CNN analysis today noted that an $899 price point could expand Apple's notebook market by 50% in terms of revenue.

What do you think about this pricing rumor? My personal feeling is that the numbers are valid, considering they're appearing this close to a major event. Leave your comments below.

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