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High-end HDMI provider VizionWare closes down

Steven Kim

It's not fun to hear about people losing jobs these days, but we're not fond of high-end cables around these parts, especially for digital signals like HDMI. The number of purveyors of high-end HDMI purveyors just decreased with the loss of VizionWare, which had a range of amplified HDMI cables suitable for long run lengths. Unlike some other companies, VizionWare actually had some original tech in its offerings, so it's not at the top of our list of companies we'd like to see go under, but the sole focus on HDMI proved to be too small of a niche to justify its $20M in VC funding. The company's internet storefront is still up for now, but those looking for closeout bargains will be disappointed -- prices start at $20 for a passive 4-ft cable, and active cables starts at $83 for that same length.

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