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No Trophies for SOCOM at launch, to be patched later


"The trophies will become available via patch in the coming weeks," SCEA's Jennifer Clark told us when we inquired about the game's strange lack of Trophies. Yes, if you buy SOCOM Confrontation, you'll find that it's absent of the collectible Trophies everyone's been raving about. It's strange that Slant Six wasn't able to include Trophies into the final version of the game, but this may explain why we had so much trouble finding out the Trophy list so soon before the game's release.

We're hoping that the Trophies that are enabled will take advantage of a retroactive rewards system. Undoubtedly, hardcore SOCOM fans are ready to spend hours in the online world of Confrontation. Of course, let Burnout Paradise teach a lesson: perhaps it's best not to expect retroactive Trophies to um ... y'know, work.

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