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Panasonic bringing Blu-ray recorder to US in 2009?

Darren Murph

Color us skeptical, but HDGuru has it that Panasonic is actually going to bring a standalone Blu-ray recorder over to US soil as early as next year. In case you haven't noticed, each and every BD recorder we see is sourced and sold exclusively overseas, but it seems Panny may be well on its way to changing that. Unfortunately, that's all the details we have for now, but we can't say we totally believe it. For starters, BD recorders are mighty expensive, and given that Blu-ray players still aren't selling out at sub-$300 price points, we can't really imagine $800+ BD recorders being the next iPod over here. At any rate, we suppose we'll see in 2009, and hopefully at CES.

[Via AfterDawn]

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