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Australia gets their own awesome Lock's Quest DS and more


To promote the release of 5th Cell's strategy/action game Lock's Quest, THQ Australia is giving away a custom DS Lite, much like THQ is doing here. However, the Australian giveaway item is different from the US one -- and it comes with more stuff!

In addition to the custom airbrushed DS seen here (if you squint), one winner will receive a $2500 gift certificate to the Bunnings hardware store, a "giant-size adjustable spanner/wrench set," a backpack with a solar panel, and copies of The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Great Castle Search. Two more winners will get all that stuff minus the Bunnings money.

The method of entry is different, too: instead of playing a Flash game, contestants must describe a new turret for the game in 50 words or less. Here's an example off the top of our heads: "This turret fires a projectile that, upon contact with the ground, causes me to win contests."


[Via Vooks]

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