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Listen to the 'controversial' LittleBigPlanet song: Tapha Niang


Like many of you, we're wondering if Sony's response to the song "Tapha Niang," included in the LittleBigPlanet soundtrack is a little harsh. Toumani Diabaté and the Symmetric Orchestra is known for combining the traditional music of Mali with other internation styles, like jazz, blues and flamenco. The international sound would be appropraite for a game like LittleBigPlanet, which takes players on a virtual journey around the globe. Diabaté won a Grammy award in 2006, the same year "Tapha Niang" was released.

His MySpace page has the entire song available to listen to, and has a DRM-free version available to purchase. (iTunes users can listen to/purchase the song here.) It's surprising that a song, which has been available for over two years, is only now receiving controversial attention for its inclusion in Sony's blockbuster PS3 game. Perhaps if Sony didn't delay this game, this matter wouldn't have exploded to such incredible proportions?

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