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Mythic Entertainment rebuts Jeff Kaplan's WAR critiques

Michael Zenke

Yesterday we noted an exchange between MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John and Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan, talking about Blizzard's exclusion from the closed Warhammer Online Beta. After that article went up, John put up another post touching on Mythic Entertainment's response - specifically, a phone call from the company's head Mark Jacobs. Jacobs specifically called out the following:
  • World of Warcraft featured a number of lengthy queues just to get onto servers when the game first launched in 2004.
  • Jacobs noted that EverQuest and his own DAoC featured customizable interfaces long before World of Warcraft was even launched.
  • Though WAR does have many similarities to WoW, the team developing the game made many choices specifically to stray from WoW's template. "If you look at the innovations in Warhammer, you'd be hard-pressed to find as many in WoW."
Ultimately he goes on to note that Warhammer has just launched, and that they're really happy with the way the game is going so far. "The game stability has been unbelievable and it blows away any other online game ... we're going to be continuing to be doing a lot for the game over the next six months, or nine months, or six years."

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