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Broadcasters seek to slow action on FCC's white space ruling

Darren Murph

We knew they didn't like it, and now they're going out of their way to prove it. After FCC chairman Kevin Martin set forth a proposal to use the freed spectrum from the forthcoming 2009 digital TV transition for bringing mobile broadband to more locales, broadcasters who'd rather not deal with the trouble are stepping in with a collective "nuh uh!" Station owners and the four television networks filed an "emergency request" on Friday afternoon in hopes of convincing the FCC to hold off on its plan to vote on white space rules until "everyone had a chance to comment on the findings." The report that's mentioned found that no significant interference would come into play should the waves be opened up for unlicensed devices, but a spokeswoman for the National Association of Broadcasters stated that "the FCC is misinterpreting the actual data collected by their own engineers." Whether or not NAB will get the 45-day grace period it's asking for, however, remains to be seen.

[Via Mobile Tech Today, image courtesy of Orbitcast]

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