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Life After 50: Progressing your Captain, Guardian and Warden in Moria

Shawn Schuster

Finishing off their Developer Diary series for the Lord of the Rings Online classes progressing past level 50, Turbine has recently released their final article for the Captain, Guardian and Warden. As with the previous two, this one show players the most effective ways to play these three classes as they venture into Moria and explore the all-new Trait Sets. Each trait in each set is explained, as are the benefits for pursuing each path.

If you missed the other dev diaries for the remaining classes, take a look back at our previous coverage concerning the Burglar, Hunter and Lore-master, plus one concerning the Minstrel, Champion and Rune-keeper. Now that all classes are covered, you can get your mains ready and effectively plan your attack on Moria for November 18th!

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