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Attention future Kraftwerk tribute bands: where to buy Korg DS-10


When the Korg DS-10 synthesizer program comes out on November 4, you won't be able to purchase it just anywhere. GameStop, for one, doesn't care to stock a $40 DS non-game, apparently. In fact, the list of stores who are carrying the feature-rich synthesizer cartridge, as sent to 1UP by publisher XSEED, looks a bit paltry.

According to the list, only Amazon, Fry's, Micro Center, Best Buy, J&R, Game Crazy, and EB (in Canada) are planning to stock DS-10. Amazon, by the way, is taking preorders for $36.99. Also they bring games directly to your house, so maybe it isn't so problematic that more stores aren't carrying DS-10.


[Via 1UP]

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