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Sonilex is slimmer than the PS3 and like, totally plays Tekken

Samuel Axon

Hey there, budget-conscious gamers: the Vii didn't quite pan out the way we'd all hoped, but we just want you to know you still don't have to spend $500 or wait for a PS3 Slim to hit the shelves to have a gaming experience worthy of 2008. Just pick Sonilex -- it's a fraction of the size of the PS3, and at around 32 bucks even the most stingy gamer can splurge for it. Word is 41 "NES games" have been released for Sonilex this year alone (probably piled into that odd-looking cart on the left there), including, incredibly but really, the unauthorized NES port of "Tekken." After all, the game cart says "2008" on it so you know you're getting the absolute cutting edge of NES games -- like, ones that were never even released until just now, okay? No word on Blu-ray though. That's a deal-breaker if you ask us.

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