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IDG: E for All is not coming back in 2009


Although we've seen it reported that E for All is dead and buried, the quote being used appears to be a rehash of the same cryptic response Big Download reported two days ago. So, we contacted event organizer IDG for a definitive answer and were told, "Unfortunately, E for All will not be occurring in 2009, as our focus now turns to E3." There, now that's clear.

IDG is also the organizer for E3 2009, which appears to be a return to the festivities as we once knew them -- booth babes included. E for All was a competent effort, but the show saw a dramatic drop in attendance following its inaugural year. Adding insult to injury has been Seattle-based consumer show PAX's expansion and growth. Hopefully E3 has learned its lesson, eliminating the need for another E for All ever again.

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