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New load of HD channels comes to TWC in greater Los Angeles area

Darren Murph

Slowly but surely, the residents in and around Los Angeles, California are catching up to their even-more-southern California brethren in the TWC HD department. Beginning November 19th, a whole gaggle of new stations will be arriving in a whole slew of new areas. As for channels, look for Animal Planet HD (451), Travel Channel HD (452), Planet Green HD (453), The Weather Channel HD (454), FX HD (456), Bio HD (457), Science Channel HD (460), Toon Disney HD (461), Cartoon Network HD (462), FOX News HD (465), FOX Business Network HD (466), ESPNU HD (467), SPEED HD (468), NBA TV HD (470), NHL Network HD (471), Tennis Channel HD (473), Lifetime Movie Network HD (475), Hallmark Movie Channel HD (476), HBO East HD (481), Cinemax East HD (482), Showtime East HD (483), The Movie Channel West HD (484), Starz East HD (485), INDemand Sports HD (732) and INDemand Sports HD 2 (733). Phew. Check the read link for all the specific areas for which these are destined. [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

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