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Sony touts PS3 internet browser as better than Internet Explorer


The internet browser on the PS3 got a nice facelift in firmware 2.50. The addition of Flash 9 support makes browsing on the web much more entertaining, as many sites that implement Flash video can be properly viewed on the console. Apparently, implementing Flash 9 on the PS3 was quite a challenge, as it required the use of one of PS3's SPUs.

The use of additional processing power should help enhance the browsing experience, making it less sluggish than before. Sony also made changes to the way the browser implements JavaScript, with a 280% increase in performance there. The changes are so drastic that SCE's Shinji Noda believes the PS3's internet browser beats Internet Explorer 7.

While this may be an achievement to the Sony firmware team, we're doubtful many use their PS3s regularly to browse the web. Regardless, we're glad these changes were made: it's so much easier to browse PS3 Fanboy on firmware 2.50.

[Via IGN]

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