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World of Warcraft's zombie invasion ends today

Michael Zenke

The final solution has been created for the World of Warcraft zombie plague, and by the time you read this the disease that's been plaguing Azeroth for days now should be under control. A 'blue' posting to the official forums notes that even though the disease is contained, the event goes on. The Necropoli and invasion of zombies outside of the capital cities should continue for a few days yet, and there are still zombie-themed bosses in a number of old-world instances. WoW Insider has a guide to those undead blights, giving you the chance to work through them from Sever to Tenris Mirkblood.

As we noted earlier today, not everyone will be shedding tears at the departure of the zombie plague. Still ... interesting to see the passing of such a unique chapter in World of Warcraft's history.

[via WoW Insider]
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