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Don't call 'em achievements: Greenhouse adds 'triumphs' and 'standings'

this will have triumphs </GLaDOS>

Greenhouse Interactive – the digital distribution portal operated by the familiar faces at Penny Arcade and Hothead Games – announced the availability of its very own software development kit: the Nitrogen SDK. Here's the idea: the games selected to be a part of the Greenhouse service can use the SDK to enhance their games with "the social networking functionalities of 'triumphs' and 'standings'" – the Greenhouse equivalent to Achievements, Trophies, or ... Achievements. Greenhouse (and Hothead's) Vlad Ceraldi says, "In a crowded gaming world of achievements and trophies, it's inevitable that all of the good words are gone. We've just snatched the last few that make any sense ..." Say, whatever happened to entitlements?

The first game to be enhanced will be, unsurprisingly, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two, launching this Wednesday on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms (plus XBLA!). And from there? Greenhouse (and Penny Arcade's) Robert Khoo says, "In fact, triumphs and standings are only the beginning. There's so much more in the works with Nitrogen that we just haven't found the vocabulary for yet." We've got an idea: Greenhousescore. Think Gamerscore, but without all the trademark liabilities!

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