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Miyamoto assures the core Nintendo is working on games for them


It's something Nintendo's been criticized of for awhile now, especially since E3: not caring about the core, and chasing down those almighty casual dollars. Well, during an interview with GameDaily, Miyamoto said a lot of the same stuff he's been saying ever since Wii Music has been completed (Nintendo hasn't forgotten about you, there's a lot of games in development, and so on and so forth).

Miyamoto commented that 30 years he's been "making games" and for the majority of that time, these have been games "that the loyal Nintendo fans enjoy." He went on to say that those games are "the types of games that my career is based on and we're going to continue to make those types of games. In fact, we have many of those types of games in development right now." Sounds like a plan to us, Shiggy, but it doesn't make the waiting any less painful!

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