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Epson Imaging Devices introduce a-TFT displays that play well in sunlight or darkness

Laura June

Epson's developed two transflective amorphous silicon TFT (a-TFT) LCDs for high visibility in a variety of situations on mobile devices. The screens seem to have been developed mostly for gadgets which are used outdoors and in direct sunlight. These new LCDs employ a more traditional, transmissive mode, using backlighting in darker or indoor settings, but are also capable of utilizing a reflective mode, which can harness bright sources such as sunlight to increase clarity. The reflective mode not only increases visibility on the screen, but also reduces the need for backlighting, thus conserving power. The displays will be available in 3 and 3.5-inch sizes, and samples of the screens are said to be shipping before the end of the month.

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