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The Bro Squad 3-mans Karazhan

Alex Ziebart

Back in early September, I told you about a trio of level 80 players in the Wrath beta that cleared Karazhan with just the three of them. At the time, it was quite a feat and really surprised a lot of us, bloggers and readers alike. Well, it's been 3-manned again. At level 70.

Metosai, a partially Sunwell geared Protection Warrior, recently ran Karazhan with a mix of experienced characters and some lesser geared ones. About a third of the raid was in greens, he said. They cleared the place in under an hour. Metosai was surprised at just how easy it was, and decided to see if they could do it with just three.

He looked for a couple of people from his guild to help him, and they took to Karazhan with a team of a Protection Warrior (Metosai), a Retribution Paladin (Dok), and a Holy Paladin (Dantez). The first half of the instance was easy, they say, but the second half got a little more dicey. Netherspite was cited as the most difficult to figure out how to do with three people (it took 5-6 tries), but they managed it and supplied video.

Metosai also mentioned that the Shade of Aran turned out to be one of the harder encounters as well, due to how fast paced it was for just the three of them. There's video for that, too.

Prince Malchezaar would have been a 1-shot, but Dok ended up killing himself with Seal of the Martyr during Enfeeble. I know how that goes. Why oh why does Enfeeble have to go up right after I push Shadow Word: Death? Stupid timers, why aren't you more interesting to watch?

Metosai didn't think this was particularly newsworthy in a post-patch 3.0.2 world considering the raid nerfs and player buffs, but it's pretty neat and they had fun, and that's what really counts, eh?

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