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Left 4 Dead TV spot upsells the zombocalypse (bring friends!)

With Left 4 Dead's zombie apocalypse scheduled to touch down in just a few short weeks, Valve's eager to spend all its lunch money before the undead invasion plunges our global financial system into (even worse) disaster. With $10 million in hand, it's buying up billboards, web sites, and even TV commercials in a coordinated effort to open our eyes to our impending fate. Here's the checklist: Zombies. Check! Four player co-op. Check! Apocalypse. Check!

Wait a second, what kind of checklist is that? We'd have blown some of that coin on important things, like crates of ammo, health kits, and totally convincing military surplus garb for just the right veneer of wholesome veteran mixed with fringe survivalist.

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