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Samsung SDI shows off 63-inch 4k x 2k plasma

Darren Murph

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There's a slight possibility that you haven't noticed, but Samsung SDI is on fire. Like, seriously burning down FPD International 2008. After treating onlookers to a flexible OLED, a 40-inch Full HD OLED display and an assortment of other eye-enticing panels, the outfit has one-upped itself once more with a 63-inch 4k x 2k plasma. Sure, actually finding 4k x 2k content will be a challenge, but who wouldn't want to be ready for the inevitable worldwide domination of Super Hi-Vision? Most of the other specs (contrast ratio, luminance, where it's being stored with loose security, etc.) were sadly absent, but with a native resolution like this, the rest takes a back seat anyway.

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