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New Art Style, WarioWare on DSiWare shop starting December, plus first look at Made in Ore


Nintendo buried some awesome news in the slides for their financial briefing today. With just one day until the Japanese launch of the DSi, we finally get a brief look at some upcoming downloadable DSiWare software.

Nintendo plans to release six Art Style puzzle games on the service, for 500 points each. Of the four games shown in screens, all are brand new. One features a flat surface being folded into cubes, one looks like sort of a flat Rubik's Cube, one features a little guy walking around and specifying where to drop cubes, and one features three columns of colored blocks that the player shifts around.

A brand new WarioWare will be available from the shop at launch for 500 Points. Utsusu! Made in Wario (Take a Picture! Made in Wario, basically) uses the camera to involve your pictures (and your live motions!) in microgames.

In addition to Utsutsu!, minigames from previous WarioWare titles, like Paper Plane, will be available as separate downloads from the DSi Shop for 200 Points each. Also on the way: a Japanese train line map and guide software.

It's not a DSiWare game, but Iwata also showed off a bit of Made in Ore, (at about 44 minutes), which is a full-on WarioWare microgame creation utility! You can draw sprites, create music, and even design the logic of the in-game elements, saving your microgames to virtual Famicom cartridges. There will even be a WiiWare game, Asobu! Made in Ore (Play! Made in Me), that allows you to upload your games to the Wii and play them with friends! Allow us to be absolutely clear: this is the greatest event in human history.

To see the DSiWare stuff, scroll to the "DSiWare" slide (using the second button) and start the video (third button) to look at the footage for yourself, or head to Vooks for a series of screen captures!

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