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Verizon considering crazy cheap Storm pricing?

Chris Ziegler

Any Storm hopeful in the colonies who's taken a gander at Vodafone's pricing scheme this week is probably strongly considering packing a couple duffel bags with the bare essentials they need to survive and moving to the UK to strike out on a new life -- a life filled with cheap Storms. Not so fast, though -- is it conceivable to think that Verizon could go the same route? At first glance, you might think that the Storm's cachet as RIM's flashiest, highest-end device to date would be enough to lure in customers by the droves at any price, but with the enormous price pressure placed on the industry by a $199 iPhone 3G in a heavily-overlapping target demo, rumor has it that Big Red's looking at a severe subsidy to meet or beat its crosstown rival. Analysts are thinking (wishfully, we suspect) that a $99 Storm isn't entirely out of the question if Verizon wants to sell an insane number of 'em through the holidays, but just how long would it take to recoup that kind of loss?

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