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Deutsche Telekom found to own too much of T-Mobile USA, paperwork likely in order

Darren Murph

Tsk, tsk, Deutsche Telekom -- there you go making trouble again. After the FCC took a good, hard look at the prospective Verizon-Alltel merger, it also took a peek at foreign-controlled assets in other wireless phone companies. What it found was that Deutsche Telekom AG actually owns 10% more than the US legal limit of T-Mobile USA; as it stands, DT has a "30%, non-controlling interest in a common carrier license," while the limit here for such a scenario is 20%. The company has 30 days to respond with how it plans to come into compliance, but reports are suggesting that simple reshuffling / paperwork could probably clear things up. If only life were so easy for the rest of us, huh?

[Via phonescoop]

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