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DisplaySearch reports rise in Q3 plasma shipments, but who's buying?

Darren Murph

Generally speaking, a rise in flat-panel shipments is good news. But in these curious times, we're wondering if the customers are screaming for the suppliers to slam on the brakes before slapping another shipping label on an HDTV. DisplaySearch's latest look at plasma shipments shows a 37% rise year-over-year and an 18% increase quarter-over-quarter -- question is, who's buying? We've already learned that bulging inventories are leading to near-across the board price drops, and this economy isn't exactly fostering new waves of television purchasers. Whatever the case, Panasonic is holding down the top spot in Q3 2008 with a PDP market share of just under 40%, while Samsung SDI claims the silver with 29.4%. Here's hoping all these shipments lead to record low plasma prices in just a few Fridays.

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