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Netflix doing away with secondhand DVD sales on website

Darren Murph

One thing's for sure -- Netflix isn't afraid of trimming back anything it feels is hindering its ability to excel on its core offerings. On a posting over at the official Netflix Blog, Meghan has announced that the outfit's previously viewed DVD section will be vanishing on November 30th. In case that's not crystal clear, after that day, members will no longer be able to purchase secondhand DVDs from the company. According to her, Netflix has decided to refocus its efforts exclusively on providing DVD rentals via mail and online rentals via broadband. We're also hearing that the firm's current stash of DVDs will be offloaded to a wholesaler for resell, but unless you feel like ponying up for yet another middleman, you may want to snap up a few now while there's still time. Or, you could just complain really loudly and see if it has another miraculous change of heart.

[Image courtesy of FutureGringo, via Silicon Alley Insider]

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