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RapidWeaver 4.2 update kills bugs


Realmac Software has updated their easy Web site creation tool RapidWeaver to version 4.2 (not 2.2! Sorry). The new version is primarily a bug fix, but also adds a couple of new features.

The bugs that were squashed include:

  • An issue when undoing set/remove links
  • Blog plugin confused image file names in body and summary fields
  • Growl notifications no longer occur when RapidWeaver is in the foreground
  • The application no longer hangs on quit
  • No more "System Exception 11" when duplicating themes
  • Now able to add 3GP and M4V files to Movie Albums
The new features include the ability to hold down either the Command or Option key while starting RapidWeaver to disable all third-party add-ons until the app is restarted, and the ability to add and remove links from the sidebar is available again.

This is a free update for existing RapidWeaver owners.

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