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Riccitiello blows $1 million on EA stock


John, Ricci -- can we call you Ricci? -- what are you doing, man?

Look, we know being the big shot CEO of one of the world's biggest publishers affords you plenty of opportunity to, well, afford a bunch of expensive stuff ... but blowing your cash on EA stock? Worse still, blowing it on 42,500 snippets of stock, to the cumulative value of just over a million dollars? Sounds like a bad idea, honestly.

Perhaps you haven't heard, but EA lost quite a bit of money in the last quarter. It seems your company's been spending dough on developing -- you won't believe this -- "new" IP. Do you really want to support a company that's dumping funds into crazy, non-sequel projects? There's just no way that's going to fly. You're better off investing in those Activision guys. Trust us, people are never ever going to get tired of Guitar Hero 27, Tony Hawk 19 and Tony Hawk Presents Guitar Hero Featuring Spider-Bond. See you in the short-term, Ricci.

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